The Esterel






The Esterel massif

Notice to tourists who like picturesque....

Between the Mediterranean and limestone Provence, Esterel is a volcanic massif of 32 ooo hectares of which 14,000 are classified. Its amazing red color, which changes every hour of the day, is linked to the rhyolite, or red porphyry, volcanic rock of the primary era. Its steep slopes, its narrow and bushy gorges, its sumptuous peaks of amaranth lava make it an inexhaustible exploration site. The jagged relief extends into the sea, the mountain pushes from the promontories to the sea; the sea penetrates into the massif. The fiery red colour of the rocks is in stark contrast to the indigo blue of the sea.

A little history....

The Esterel road was for a long time the only one used for traffic with Italy, it was threatened by robbery and the most dangerous place was near the vinegar mountain. The exploits of the bandit Gaspard de Besse in the 18th century have remained legendary. Hidden in a cave on Mont Vinaigre, Gaspard and his gang attacked and robbed for several diligent years, riders. In 1781 at the age of 25, the thief was caught, beaten alive and his head was nailed to a tree on the highway to mark his guilty deeds. Until the end of the 19th century, the massif was the refuge of the escaped convicts of the Toulon prison.

The Flots Bleus enjoy a privileged location, located at the foot of the Esterel massif, you can enjoy many hikes or mountain bike rides accessible to all. You will not fail to discover the sights and landscapes of the estate: the bear peak, the Saint-Barthélemy rock, the Cap Roux belvedere, the vinegar mountain which culminates at 614m, the Saint Baume cave with its history so famous in the region. The Perthus and Malinfernet ravines will refresh you with their pleasant springs.

Don't miss Cap Dramont with its Semaphore built in 1860 on the ruins of a watchtower dating back to 1562. It is still used for sea surveillance. From Cap Dramont you will discover the Ile d'Or, classified as one of the sixty most beautiful sites in France. Its square and crenellated tower is built in red Esterel stone. Golden Island was immortalized by Hergé and Tintin in the "Black Island".