On the kitchen side

For the past year we have been experiencing an unexpected and unpredictable situation due to the spread of Covid-19 and its variants.

Faced with the scale of this pandemic, in November 2020, the French government decided to close all restaurants.

This difficult period with its many uncertainties does not offer us any clear perspectives for the future.

As professionals, we can no longer wait and we must prepare our future season that is so close…

Thus, reluctantly and with regret, we have taken the decision to modify our restaurant’s service for this year.

We are stopping the traditional (table) service that we have offered up until now. Instead, we are opting for a take-away catering service featuring meals prepared by our Chef Olivier Vollant, who is still in charge of the kitchen and the “homemade” dishes.

So, if you don’t feel like going out or cooking, you just have to choose your dish, reheat it and enjoy it on your own private terrace.

To ensure you complete satisfaction, note that, to enjoy your special dish, it is possible for you to take a seat on our large shady terrace or in our veranda overlooking the sea.